¿Are you. Homeowner wants Rentals in Zaragoza?

In RELOCATION ZARAGOZA, we take care of renting your home professional and personalized. Our experience in the management and rental of private homes is based in many years in the profession, in-depth knowledge of the variety of the rental market of Zaragoza, as well as having a team of collaborators, composed of Apis and expert lawyers in the real estate sector.

If you have already rented a house in Zaragoza and can not deal with monitoring, we help take care, manage your lease and solve any problems that arise.




It has decided to rent your home and ask: what are their rights and obligations ?, What is the right tenant?, What guarantees can ask to avoid disappointment?. We help to resolve these doubts and all that may arise before, during and after the lease.

Signed with you. A contract to provide services is a reflection of our commitment.

Safest rental


We help you prepare your home to rent it. Before signing the contract, there are details and small repairs to be carried out so that everything is ready when living among the tenant.

We propose the model that best suits your needs contract. We accompany the signing of the contract and take care of subsequent legal proceedings.

Help for rent housing

Installing the tenant

We help you select the right tenant. We accompany when installed in your home and control all the details.

We solve all the necessary arrangements for the tenant to enjoy the home from day one: help in recruitment and the change of ownership, facilitate contact with the homeowners and everything you might need for installation to be a success.

Management of rental housing

Tracking service

We are with you. entire duration of the lease. We regularly monitor the rent, planning all the steps, making the CPI update notifications.

We are your link with the tenant, updating any information of interest.

Rent and take care of your home

Departure of the tenant

When the lease ends, we take care of everything to terminate the contract. Check the state of the apartment, collect the keys and made a tenant output report any incident that includes: repairs to be made, reading supplies and change in ownership of the same. We present a proposed settlement of the deposit, in view of recent expenditures attributable to the tenant.

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