RELOCATION ZARAGOZA offers a full range of cost-effective services that enable holistically manage international transfers. We have several plans, pre-designed or customized to meet more specific requirements. We manage all the practical aspects of moving to ensure a quick and easy integration into your new destination.

The goal is to provide comprehensive support for the expatriate and his family. Made to measure, enter the person transferred to the new location, find adequate housing, help in finding school provides information on daily life and assists in all kinds of initial steps.

Finding housing becomes a central issue, in which our team will locate adequate housing within the marked criteria and the minimum time. The service includes assistance with contract negotiations, incoming inspection, and facility supplies high monthly payments.

In order to orient you., Provided an overview of possible areas of interest and different styles of housing and schools, allowing you to make decisions for your life in the new destination. With this service we aim to minimize the time lost by poor decisions.

The integration is the result of a successful process, so in RELOCATION ZARAGOZA, offer support to expatriates once found a new home helping everyday situations such as opening a bank account, direct in the new area of ​​residence, teach the operation of transport public, etc...

Relocating with family, especially with young children, it can complicate the process even more, if their needs are not properly managed from the start. In RELOCATION ZARAGOZA we believe that family support is critical to the success of change, why we care about the different options for schools, accompany them to interviews and help them with the registration process. Also helping the accompanying spouse is for us substantiate, for that, we give them support to find a job in the new destination would be another of the tasks to develop. Reviewing your resume adapting it if it were necessary, to comply with local standards. We explain the functioning of the labor market, study the structure of selection interviews and help move the application to the job search easier.

Finally we have customized solutions for effective learning of the Castilian language: tutoring, teaching in the workplace, group activities, intensive courses, daily programs, etc.


Relocation Zaragoza