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Relocation Zaragoza

RELOCATION ZARAGOZA offers its service of national and international removals for expatriates and displaced from other regions: a team of professionals will move to the home residence in the reserved date and arrange for dismantling are packing perfectly, furniture and other objects transport by land, air or sea to its new location.

Once home destination, unpacking and reassembly of all items listed in the budget signed and new housing will be ready for habitation will take place.

Storage service and rental of storage: we provide properly equipped warehouses and storage for safekeeping and storage of all types of furniture and furnishings, computer equipment, files documents, automobiles, machinery and general merchandise. And if required we offer the possibility of renting furniture for your needs.

Service temporarily while rental housing is that became his residence.

Relocation Zaragoza

RELOCATION ZARAGOZA offers help to find the right people housework, child care and / or support in learning a foreign language.

We offer highly qualified and references provided with documentation in order:

Internal, external and part-time assistants.

French and English-speaking native and careers to play and take care of the children after 'school' some or all days a week and even on weekends.

Caregivers for occasional nights, days or weekends.

Relocation Zaragoza

Our legal team will develop a detailed legal immigration requirements study it is one of the most important in organizing an international transfer issues. Having the support of a team with extensive knowledge in this area will allow us to avoid a lot of frustration and expense. Our professionals analyze the specific circumstances of each project to provide the most optimal solution.


Registration of European citizens.

NIE nonresidents.

Community card (for non-EU family members).


Work Permit and Residence for others.

Work Permit self-employed.

Residence Permit passenger family.

NIE nonresident.

Renewals of work and residence permits.

Family reunification.

Legal assistance at the border.

Consular assistance.

Return permit.

Entry declaration.

Extension of stay / visa extension.


High in the consulate.


High in Social Security.

High in the health system (medical card).

Exchange / registration license.


Business visas.

Departure procedures.

Legalization of documents.

Certificate of working life.

Criminal record.

Birth certificate / marriage.

Registration Finance.

Obtaining official documents (any country).

Letter of Invitation.

Certificate of Coverage of Social Security.

Form E-101.

Form E-301.

Request for Fiscal Regime impatriates.

Obtaining Official Certificates Single Registry.

Obtaining Official Certificates in other records.

Apostille according to the Hague Convention.

Recognition of academic qualifications.

Translation of official documents.

Import and vehicle registration.